New supplement against cancer! Cancerous cells.


β-glucans are known for immunostimulation and anti-cancer effect worldwide. The composition containing water-soluble β-glucans of various molecular mass is capable of immunomodulating and initiating breakdown processes of cancerous cells.

β-glucans of large molecular mass activate phagocytes, promote the synthesis of y-interferon. Hence stimulating the immune system and breaking down single cells.

Water soluble β-glucans of small molecular mass interact with neutrophil CR3 receptors initiating the breakdown of all cells. To allow breakdown of cells in an optimal way, it’s important to retain the ratio of the small and large molecular mass β-glucans within their composition. In order to control breakdown of cells, the compositions with changeable different molecular mass β-glucan concentrations are used.

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New supplement against cancer.


To prevent development of metastases, β-glucan composition with β-glucan components of fixed concentrations is prepared. Which initiate immunostimulation and breakdown of cancerous cells.

β-glucans are specifically hydrolyzed to oligosaccharides of a certain molecular mass, in the presence of – β-glucanase from Streptomycin rutgersensis 88. Soluble β-glucans are fraction ed into immunomodulators and agents initiating breakdown of cancer cells.

In order to increase the efficacy of breakdown of cancerous cells. β-glucan enzymatic hydrolysis fractions of various molecular mass are joined together.

To prevent the adaptation protective systems of cells, agents of different molecular mass, initiating the breakdown of cells, are used.

Organism immunomodulation is performed during breakdown of cancerous cells, and then cells are marked with the breakdown initiating agent.

Immunostimulators and agents initiating breakdown of cells are introduced into the organism in vitro. Gradually increasing their concentrations, in order to prevent damage to healthy organism cells.

Breakdown of cancerous cells is artificially inhibited, keeping low concentrations of agents initiating breakdown of cancerous cells and high immunostimulation. So that the tissue composed of cancerous cells would break down slowly and the poisoning of the organism with products of toxic cells would be prevented.

Concentrations of immunostimulators and agents initiating breakdown of cells are changed from 0 to 1000 mg/ml until the breakdown process is fully completed.cancerous cells

In order to prevent the growth of secondary cancerous cells (metastases), the breakdown process is repeated while keeping the concentrations of immunostimulators and agents initiating breakdown of cells sufficient to degrade cells.



In order to prevent the adaptation of cancerous cells to the components of active immune system that break them down. Water-soluble β-glucans of various molecular mass are used for the immune recognition of cells.

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