Against cancer.

The newest dietary supplement against cancer!

Fortuna is the newest supplement designed to defeat cancer the plague of the XXI century.
This dietary supplement is the result of the latest discoveries in the field of cancer control research, we are proud to say that Fortuna is a real breakthrough against cancer. The supplement has just appeared on the world market so our goal is to help people in getting access to this effective dietary supplement.
You can buy Fortuna on this website, undergo a one-month course destruction and recover from cancer. Our dietary supplement is intended to improve the life quality of patients who have used up all possibilities of anti tumor methods of treatment.
The supplement is produced in limited batches now. Its effectiveness has already been confirmed by the patent!

The patent is confirmed

WO 2015159134 A1

Against cancer. The treatment of cancer. Dietary supplement

Fortuna helps to increase the resistance of immunity. The organism weakened by a tumor needs extra  protection, therefore our newest preparation is also an antiviral dietary supplement.

The complete destruction of tumor cells is main aim of anticancer dietary supplements. In some cases, such as, in the latest stages of this disease cancer is almost impossible to defeat, but its further development can be stopped. The earlier you start the treatment the better! In the first stages early diagnostics and treatment lead to a complete recovery most cases.

Against cancer. The treatment of cancer.
Against cancer. The treatment of cancer.

Our goal is to help people who have lost hope get the access to the newest dietary supplement that have proven its effectiveness. We are now undergoing the registration process of Fortuna as a medicine, since the dietary supplement has all the permit documents in EU countries.

The main advantages of our product:

  • safety
  • effectiveness
  • multitask ability 
  • affordable price 
  • easy to use 
  • worldwide delivery 

The therapeutic composition with β-glyukans stimulates the human immune system and triggers the destruction of cancer cells. The composition with glucans is directed solely against cancer!

Dietary supplementThe general process of dietary supplement exposure to a tumor.
glucans are known throughout the world due to their immunostimulation and anti-cancer effect.

A formulation with water-soluble glucans of different molecular weight stimulates immunity and triggers the destruction of cancer cells.
Β-glucans with larger molecular weight activate phagocytes, promote the synthesis of interferon, thereby stimulate the immune system and destroy single cancer cells.
Water-soluble beta-glucans with a low molecular weight interact with the receptors of neutrophils CR3 and trigger the destruction of all cancer cells. It is important to keep the ratio of small and large molecular weights of β-glucans within their composition to destroy cancer cells. Formulations with variable concentrations of different molecular weight β-glucans are used to control the destruction of cancer cells.
Formulation with β-glucan that has components with fixed concentrations that stimulate immunity and trigger the process of cancer cells destruction are used to prevent the development of metastases.

Dietary supplementCancer is a malignant tumor of skin epithelial cells, mucous membranes of the stomach, intestines, respiratory tracts, various glands, etc.

The present invention relates to the field of biotechnology. It conducts body immunostimulation, initiates the disintegration of cancer cells and prevents the development of metastases with water-soluble β-glucan compounds of different molecular masses. The unique bio catalyst produced by the bacteria Streptomycin rutgersensis 88 and used to prepare mixtures of β-glucan is first applied in this invention.

Our goal is to aid you in fighting cancer!

Why is Fortuna the best? Please read here about the method cancer cells destruction and the difference of Fortuna from other dietary supplements!

One box of Fortuna includes three courses of treatment:

The product is strictly limited due to the monthly cycle of its production. Our newest dietary supplement activates the inner power of the human body to fight cancer.

Dietary supplement. The treatment of cancer.
The treatment of cancer.

Your organism will start fighting the malignant tumor very
intensely. After the first course of treatment the patient feels better even at late stages. The process of malignant tumor destruction will start once you start using our preparation: brain cancer (brain tumor), lung cancer, cancer of the uterus (cervical cancer, uterine cancer, cancer of body of uterus), stomach cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer and many other forms of this terrible disease will retreat
Information about beta-glucans “Fortuna” preparation.

For the customer:

The “Fortuna” preparation, has 30 bottles 30 ml. each. Total volume is 900ml. The bottles are divided into three series.

Composition: water, beta-glucans of various molecular weights, pH-regulating potassium phosphate, preservative-sorbate potassium. The solution may contain a precipitate of beta-glucan.

1. The description of “Fortuna” anti-cancer preparation and its purpose

“Fortuna” is a β-glucan polysaccharide solution isolated from the cell wall of Saccharomyces cerevisiae baking yeast. Insoleble β-glucan is destructured to fragments of soluble β-glucan with different molecular weights as a result of specific enzymatic hydrolysis. The fragments of soluble β-glucan with different molecular weights are separated by the means of exclusion chromatography. Innovative complex mixtures of β-glucans that are used in the production of preparations from fragments of soluble β-glucans that have special biologically active properties are produced by WO2015159134 A1 patent.

2. Action of the “Fortuna” preparation

It has been determined that β-glucans isolated from the cell walls of yeast bacteria have specific properties. Provided the correct use it has the following effect:

– Its immunomodulatory properties can stimulate the functional activity of mammalian immunity
– β-glucans are cytotoxic to malignant cells, and can suppress the telomerase enzyme, which restores the telomeres and participates in the process of malignant cells reproduction
– β-glucans can be used as adjuvants, that start the creation of a more efficient acquired immunity against the formation of target antigens.

The “Fortuna” preparation can be used in all the above cases as a dietary supplement, help in strengthening the immune system, and suppress the active form of the telomerase enzyme.

3. Methods of use of the “Fortuna” preparation

There are 30 numbered bottles in one large box of the preparation. The bottles contain complexes of soluble β-glucans, differing in molecular masses in the blue, red and green small boxes. There are 10 bottles of the preparation in each small box. It is recommended that you follow the order of numbering of the bottles when using the “Fortuna”, on the first day it is recommended to use the preparation from the bottle marked “1”, on the second day from the bottle marked “2” and so on until the 30th day. Each bottle is to be used once a day in the morning before meals.

If necessary, you can discuss the most favorable and suitable way for you to use “Fortuna” with our consultant.

The dosages of the preparation may differ and depend on the desired result, your weight and the body’s response to the usage. Sometimes the consultant may recommend you changing the frequency and dosage of the preparation. Due to the fact that boxes marked with different colours contain complexes of β-glucans differing in molecular weights, the purposefulness of their effects may also differ: it can be immune-modulating or the preparation may act as a malignant cells reproduction inhibitor.

It is recommended that you regularly consult a specialist when using “Fortuna”, the consultant may recommend you undergo the blood analysis or do some other tests to decide the changes in you organism and to correct the course of use or dosage if necessary. If you think that you missed the time of use or overdosed, let the consultant or your doctor know about it.

4. The allergenicity and toxicity of the “Fortuna” preparation

No side effects and / or allergic reactions have been detected as the result analyzes for the allergenicity and toxicity of the product. If you have noticed a side effect due to the use of this preparation, let the consultant or your doctor know about it.

5. Conditions and storage of “Fortuna”

Store the preparation in places inaccessible for children at temperatures not higher than 25°C. You should not use the preparation after the end date indicated on the package.

6. Other information

Fortuna is an aqueous solution, which colour varies from colorless to light yellow depending on the molecular weight of β-glucans. Shake before use.

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